Production Intelligence

Industrial production processes generate enormous amounts of data, varying from measurement and engineering data, calibration data to maintenance information. Plant owners are aware of the significant added value to be obtained from these huge amounts of data. Unfortunately this wealth of information remains unused, as it is thought to be too difficult to obtain.

The state-of-the-art dashboards Magion builds, give plant owners a direct and unambiguous view into their production optimization strategies and integrity improvement programs. These dashboards hold the answers to important questions, such as how does a the operational results of a plant compare to its design specifications? Or, can the required levels of reliability be guaranteed for production critical equipment and machinery in relation to proposed or used maintenance programs? These questions can be answered by analyzing these huge amounts of production data and turning these into useful information.

Asset Health evaluator

As part of a portal, Magion integrated an automated asset Quality into a production dashboard. Read more

Data Quality (SBQT)

A state-based quality tagging solution of Magion detects flawed or suspicious datasets, very much like an operator would do by analyzing trends of production and process data. Read more

Energy Advisor

Magion can help you develop insight into the energy balance of your production installation, in order for you to start optimization programs for more efficient energy usage. Read more

Enterprise Data

A typical historian setup has several threads, Magion can help you visualize these threads in order for you to monitor the exact status of your production databases.
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